A social response from a network of volunteering compassionate medical and health professionals, passionate about sustainable improvement towards the highest possible health status for everyone in INDIA.

HOW ?     

We reach out to the unmet health needs in the community  through small scale, effective, innovative projects, leveraging         the professional knowledge and innovative idea’s of the current and future medical/health professionals. training locksmith services website
We work towards help the needy communities in taking care of their health by empowering them with preventive steps and appropriate actions.

DMF aims to facilitate a suitable ecosystem for youth from medical and health fraternity to develop themselves through community development.

    DMF primarily works for 2 groups
  • Communities with unmet medical/health needs or at risk.
  • Socially motivated Youth from Medicine/Health in need of support to reach to their potential.
      WHY ? 
   Neither unmet health needs can wait for help...
    Nor passionate citizens can wait to help......
In India, it is common knowledge that individuals suffer not just for a lack of solution rather lack of a timely opportunity to overcome the problem. Gap exists between the potential and the actual benefit for both the community and the health care professionals. In healthcare, any such gaps or missed opportunities do result in long lasting, unhealthy consequences not just for individuals but for their families and communities. certified locksmith Cedartown, GA website Locksmith Oviedo FL

We at DMF believe that solutions do exist in the system for most of the health problems and hence we act together along with the community to fill the clearly identifiable gaps towards a maximal and sustainable benefit in the health status of community. go here commercial locksmith go here website
If not acted upon with urgency, social imbalances in the community resulting from the inequality in health status coupled with the helplessness and frustrations of the health professionals, can significantly compromise even the immense social benefit of the so called rapid economic development India is witnessing currently.

 DMF India is a non-profit, non-partisan, Independent medical NGO registered and operated from Hyderabad, India.

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