Home Security Advice for Lock Problems


Home security is one of those issues that you either don’t pay any attention to at all — because you’ve never had a loved one that got robbed — or that you’re inclined to observe with a more than modicum of scrupulousness. Each year, more than a billion dollars of property is lost to robbery every year — not to mention thousands of lives to burglaries gone awry. That’s why professional locksmiths have dedicated themselves to making sure that the only people who can get into your house are the ones who belong there.

homeThere’s an old saying, “Locks just keep an honest man honest.” And to a degree, it’s true. If someone is truly dedicated at breaking into your home whatever the cost, they will get in. But burglars and robbers aren’t that dedicated. They’re looking for an easy score — they’ll drop the idea of hitting your house the instant they realize that it’s not going to be as easy as they’d like. To that end, a high-quality lock on each door and window goes a long way toward keeping the wrong people out.

What a lot of people don’t realize, however, is that there are a LOT of low-quality locks out there. If you allow your building contractor to redo your locks when you renovate your front room, you can be almost guaranteed that he’s not going to install the same locks that a local locksmith would. You can go here for an example of a reputable local locksmith. (Ask yourself this: would you let your locksmith design your new front room? Why not? Then why would you let the contractor put in your locks?)

A decent locksmith will also help you go over your home and find places where the locks are most vulnerable. Often, for example, the door between your garage and the rest of your home is highly vulnerable, and burglars who figure out a way into your garage (which is surprisingly easy) then have an easy way to get to all of your valuables. There are a startling number of ways into your average home, but a solid locksmith can — and will be happy to — help you protect them all.